Which is better – a smartwatch or a fitness band?

From the design and features perspective, we have witnessed a drastic change in both the devices over the period. So, let’s discuss what new they have to offer and how can they make a difference to our lives. 

Answer Image

Importance of Screen

Fitness Band

A plethora of fitness bands are available out there and some of them come with a screen while the rest without it. But both look fetching. Most of the fitness bands feature a monochrome screen where you can get the basic notifications for current time, battery, fitness statics and support.


On the contrary, screen was always pivotal in smartwatches. A smartwatch features a colored touchscreen, which displays your fitness data, weather updates, and other notifications. Most importantly, you get a wide and stylish variety of watch faces. You can decide whether you need a full screen or mere a basic display with statics can do for you. Both have their own pros and cons.

Answer Image

Battery Life 

Fitness Band

Fitness bands can give you its services up to 5 days. Some bands like Xiaomi do not have a display, thus it gives the battery life for 45 days on a single charge. Garmin’s fitness band claims to give 1 whopping year’s battery life along with fitness tracking.


Battery life is a major concern for smartwatches. Even the battery of the best smartwatch doesn’t run for more than 4 days. Smartwatches offer more features and touchscreen display; therefore, consumes more battery.


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