How many scams have been done in the rule of Modi?

It’s not been even so long since we voted for Modi with the hope that he will change the fate of India. He was not only the most suitable candidate but also the one who regarded as someone having the cleanest image and we undoubtedly had all the reasons to give the power to him and we did that too, but what we are witnessing in just four years is what we have never imagined.

While stamping the ballot for him, we never dreamt that our expectations would crumble this way. But remember Indian psyche, if we worship someone, we regard the person, sometimes, bigger and larger than the almighty, and this is also true that if that god starts playing with our trust, the next moment you see the person thrashed brutally on the floor.

Although, I have a long list of scams done in the rule of Modi but mentioning here only the major ones.

  • Modi Gate (2014)

See more info :


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