What is your review of Bazaar 2018 movie trailer?

Some films brutally display the rough side of our society and its particles; therefore, they reserve a certain place on the shelves of Indian cinema. Bazaar, starring Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte, seems to touch that height, at least, the latest released trailer of the film is denoting towards the expectation and we are pinning our hopes on it.

Answer Image

Bazaar is a fine expression of the humongous greed some people have in business and Shakun Kothari, the business magnate, is one of them. Moreover, things go poisonous when this greed meets the raising aspirations of Rizwan Ahmed, an Allahabad University alumni, who is aspiring to work with the business tycoon Shakun no matter what it takes. Things take a turn when emotions and profit in business strive to co-exist and a tug of war commences between Shakun and Rizwan. What happens the next is the crux of the story which will be revealed on 26 Oct 2018.

see more info visit : https://bit.ly/2xBLzKc


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