What are some unique features of lately released iOS12?

Apple showcased its iOS12 during its WWDC Conference in June 2018 for the first time. Now, its final version has been rolled out. So, let’s know what unique features does it have.

Screen Time

I think all of us desperately need a little digital detox and this what the idea behind screen time. This feature helps you know the total screen time on a daily basis as well as on what apps you are spending more time. You can also set a time limit for yourself. Social networking can be a good place to start with. This feature allows you to make a group of apps with the same nature and you can set your limit. Once you touch the pre-set limit, the app icon greys out and you will see a small hourglass. You can also enable downtime and this will notify you to go off the screen. You can only pick calls during the downtime.

Answer Image


The motif behind shortcuts was to save time and to automize the daily routine. This concept is similar to the third party app IFTTT App. The only difference is it works with Siri as well. Once a shortcut is created, Siri can execute it. For instance, to enable ‘Do Not Disturbed Mode’ you can tell Siri that you are heading to a meeting. For instant access, you can add shortcut widgets. Soon, you would be able to add support of the developers for shortcuts.

Taking Measurement Is Now Easy

You do not have to look for a tape for taking measurements. Your iPhone will do it for you through an app called Measure. This app gives you a view through the camera. You cans set the viewpoints and measure the distance between the two. Viewpoints get easily locked when they meet the edges. As soon as you start following the direction, you will realize that it’s working correctly.



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