How can you stay healthy during fasting?

The festive season is on and many of you must be fasting these days. However, things take a troublesome turn when we compromise with our health in the rapture of devotion. Therefore, it becomes very crucial for all of us to take care of our health along during fasting.

Light Food Is the Key

Never binge on heavy food. Rather take a ‘light food’ turn. You can go for fruits, khichadi, and Dalia at night. If you are not well, take a physician’s advice. Keep taking some liquid after every 2 hours. Diabetic patients must not be an empty stomach for long. Eating 4-5 things at a time, take them after a certain interval.

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Readymade Food Is the Culprit

Never opt for potato, banana chips, and any other readymade food the outside food stations offers you. Avoid taking more sugar than the limit, fried food, etc. raise Pitta Dosha and puts your health into a trouble.

Take Salt Moderately


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