Which is the most ridiculously expensive thing you have ever come across?

What happens if you stumble upon some stuff worth lakhs of rupees, lying somewhere just like that? The same took place with the 59 and 61 years old sisters named Margaret and Linda Pritchard. They found a handbag made of American 15-carat gold in a garage. The owner of the bag did not know the true value of the bag and threw this precious bag in a corner because it was worthless for him.

The sisters saw the hallmark encrypted on the bag and then they realized that the bag is made of pure gold and decided to sell it out. An auction was organized this month, where the bag was sold out at a whopping price of £3,800 which is ₹ 3,62,544.24 lakh rupees.

Answer Image

The piece of Art Déco fixed on it was designed by Immanuel Joseph in 1931 using pure gold


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