What to do if a cab is not getting booked – especially when you are at a strange or lonely place and your phone battery is dying?

When you are in a lonely place, and phone battery is dying, you better jump into action without wasting one more minute. 

It is important to think sharp and react fast when you are in such situations.

You can do something like this:

  • Start walking towards a nearby bus station or metro station instead of wasting some more time on trying to book a cab.
  • Call a friend who can pick you up at the earliest
  • Ask for a lift – a passing motorbike rider or a car driver may be kind enough to drop you at the nearby bus station or metro station. But it is not always advisable to take a lift from an unknown person.
  • Go to a nearby public place and try to charge your phone. From there you may get some kind of transport or at least you will be safe.

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