What do you think Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik’s son will become; a tennis player or a cricketer?

I think he won’t go for either challenge and make his career out of the blue. My gut feeling strongly suggests that he will be into the film industry. Why do I say so? Here are my reasons:

  • Good Looking Parents- Both Sania and Shoaib look good; therefore, it’s most likely their son will also be charming. At least, the recent pictures seal up the statement.
  • Celebrity Parents: Of course, this is a big reason and paves the way to the film line in most of the cases. Take the example of other celebrities no matter in what filed they got success. Their kids knock the door of the film industry and leave no stone unturned to be hero or heroine. Riteish Deshmukh, Vilas Paswan, are a few to name.
  • Connection with Biggies: This makes a big difference. When you are surrounded by people having name and fame, your kids start getting influenced which is quite obvious, and Sania Mirza simply loves to be in the company of Bollywood stars. Here are some moments that confirm the statement.

Answer Image

Answer Image


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