What are the benefits of being dumb?

Here I am discussing the benefits of acting dumb. We often see people act dumb though they are not as dumb as they project themselves. They act to get the benefits of being dumb.

  • The first advantage is nobody expects much from you. Even if you perform a little, you will get all praises and publicity.
  • You can always save yourself from being embarrassed by knowing little than others. You can ask a question 10 times and still, you will be explained the same thing with patience as people know you are slow in understanding.
  • When it comes to you everything will be simplified to reach your level. You will have the advantage of understanding the things at one go.
  • You can make mistakes and break rules and still be safe and not get pointed out. You may get punished though.
  • You will not have the pressure to perform all the time. You need not finish the task on time and still get excused.
  • You will get an opportunity to learn more than others.
  • People will be willing to help you more as they know you are dumb and learn slowly.
  • You can ask questions all the time. Either people will be polite to you out of concern or snap at you for your dumbness. You can amuse yourself with both types.

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